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Inter-organisational projects in French innovation clusters: The construction of collaboration
Ludivine Calamela, b, Christian Defélixa, b, c, Thierry Picqd, , and Didier Retoura, b, c a Université de Grenoble, France b CERAG UMR 5820, France c IAE, France d EM LYON Business School, France
Received 1 August 2010; revised 23 February 2011; accepted 10 March 2011.
Available online 7 April 2011.

Having received considerable attention from central government and local authorities, French innovation clusters (the so-called ‘pôles de compétitivité’) are beginning to be studied by academic researchers and evaluated by consultants. The core of their activity consists of collaborative projects, which are characterised
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► The actors’ motivation to cooperate is not intrinsic but acquired. ► HRM support and practices have a role to play to enhance collaboration within inter-organizational projects.
Keywords: Innovation cluster; Collaborative project; Coordination; Cooperation; Learning; Competences
Article Outline
Project work in innovation clusters: the issue of collaboration
2.1. Innovation clusters: an emerging organisational form
2.2. Collaborative projects in PBOs: the human factor
2.3. Collaboration within projects: as a dynamic process
Case study: two projects in search of collaboration
3.1. A methodology based on longitudinal observation
4.1. 2 years of project a: the challenge of managing a fragmented work group
4.2. 2 years of project B: remaining issues of a collaborative partnership
Discussion: the collaboration building process within inter-organisational projects
5.1. Coordination efforts: necessary but not sufficient
5.2. The actors' motivation to cooperate: not intrinsic but acquired
5.3. Support from HRM: an additional lever to mobilise
5.4. Managerial implications
1. Introduction
‘It is easy to find hundreds of project management books. But the collaborative project management manual is still to be written…’.1 By definition, the collaborative projects referred to here bring together workers from different organisations and employers.

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