Management Practice Of Employee Empowerment

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Our company has received feedback of our customers expressing ideas that employees our customers are talking to need to have more responsibility to help our customers at the point of sale. Since our customer service oriented employees speak directly with our consumers who are buying our products, we want to give employees the correct training and authority to feel responsible for the direct satisfaction of the customer. Employee empowerment is a tool that can be utilized by management to fully help the company’s development and customer service through our employees. Through the management practice of employee empowerment, the employees themselves are given the authority by management to make decisions that, before, they would have to get …show more content…
With empowered employees, the quality of their work goes up when they know they are important. HCL Technologies has the numbers to prove that empowerment helps. Their customer satisfaction went up 73% in the last 5 years once they adopted an empowerment type of philosophy (Saylor 1). Another advantage that comes from empowerment is employee satisfaction going up. In a case study by The National Association of Working People, it found that high levels of employee satisfaction were found in organizations with an involved working culture. An additional benefit from empowerment is the act of collaboration. When employees are empowered they will feel more self assured and confident to share their ideas openly. With the act of collaboration, one person can work and mesh ideas with other employees to improve teamwork. A main point that can appeal to management is the reduction of costs when empowerment is accepted in the management role. When employees are empowered, they feel more loyalty to the company they work for, therefore they will continue to stay with a company they are happy with. Our companies retention rates will improve and less job transitioning will take place reducing in training costs of new employees. The Gallop Organization has found that a community with empowered employees has brought in 27% higher profits (Wagner &

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