Management Of Workforce Capability And Capacity Essay

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A. Management of Workforce Capability and Capacity
In a school or educational organization there is constant concern about the capability and capacity of its faculty and staff to carry out and fulfill the requirements necessary to perform their overall duties and responsibilities throughout each school day. Our educational institution is located in an extreme rural area which impedes educators from coming here to work or staying here after they get here. This high turnover rate amongst educators makes it so capacity and capability of educators is constantly changing and extremely difficult to provide or create any form of sustainability. However, this doesn’t deter our school organizational management of the workforce to perform their daily responsibilities and duties. Our school is a school of improvement we are constantly under reform to better improve our overall school rating and improve student scores on benchmark assessments. Due to the constant state of school reform and improvement, a lot of initiative and mandates have been placed on all educators especially the core educators such as Language Arts, Math, and Science. All educators at our institutional facility are required to undergo professional development every other week during faculty meetings. There is forty five minutes to an hour set aside for instructional coaching and professional development. At the end of each training session, educators commit to implement at least one if not two action items…

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