Essay on Management Of Public And Public Management

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Management of public institutions entails the process of understanding the critical interaction that takes place between the three distinct dimensions of management, which are the organization’s structure, culture and craft. Indeed, to manage in three dimensions is to ensure that each manager in a public entity understands the existing administrative structures and processes. These are structures and processes that have the capacity of offering a legal and logical environments that one is supposed to follow. It also constitutes to organizations and their cultures that build on what seems to be the organization’s belief system and practical orientation on patterns and cultural measures of operation (Hill and Lynn, 2009). Finally, there are skills and values that will define the abilities of the public agency’s manager, particularly in relation to the aspect of efficient management of public organizations.
These three management dimensions of the public body are of great significance for public managers to do so in order to achieve public policy goals effectively and efficiently. It is clear that public managers have the responsibility of producing results that are expected by citizens and their representatives, particularly about their functions in the public organization and the measures that call for their accountability. They are expected to do this while balancing different concerns that have been raised within a legal scheme of governance.
With the fact that public…

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