Management Of Investment Management : Mcmaster University Of Board Of Trustees

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McMaster University Pensions Plans The Investment Sub-Committee on the Board of Trustees of McMaster University pension plans is scheduled to meet to evaluate the performance of Investments the established benefit and contribution plans that are provided. Given the stipulations in the McMaster University Statement of Investment Policies (SIP), an opinion about the plan’s current investment manager must be provided. The process towards giving that opinion involves collecting any additional information regarding the existing plan investment manager i.e. ABR Investment Manager. The information received from the ABR Investment Management can be used to outline concerns, questions, and comments regarding current performance. However, the identification of the next course of action requires additional information based on the university’s SIP document.
Concerns and Questions on Performance of ABR Investment Management The first concern or question regarding the performance of ABR Investment Management relates to personnel changes. The plan’s current investment management firm has experienced an alarming rate of staff turnover in the past two years. The high level staff turnover could significantly impact the effectiveness of the company in relation to achieving its objectives and performance standards. For instance, the company has lost two junior research analysts and the Canadian equity team portfolio manager, Ross Webb. Mark Palabino, the US equity portfolio manager, became…

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