Management : Management Commitment And Leadership Essay

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Management Commitment and Leadership Predominantly big and small organizations in society that practice quality management, top managers are assigned to oversee the process to ensure that everyone is on board in every department. For quality management to be fruitful, it is critical that all individuals in every department understand the need for quality and that changes and improvement are part of the process (Management, 2015). Furthermore, it is essential for management to exhibit support for these changes, and show that support when communicating and interacting with staff members. However, employees can develop a comfort level when they see management supporting the process. Top management should efficiently train all employees to provide the knowledge needed on the vision, direction, and strategy of the company as well as the skills they need to implement quality management and rectify problems. In addition of making sure quality management is successful also includes suppliers, who over time will become partners by working with empowered employees to the benefit of the organization (Okibo, 2002). To help with this process, top management should create an organizational atmosphere that centers on continuous improvement. According to Grosby (1979) “stresses top management commitment as the essential element for safeguarding quality management implementation”. Essentially, it is the responsibility of management to ensure that employees to implement change…

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