Management Is An Art Of Getting Things Done Through And With The People

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Management is a universal phenomenon. It is a continuous process which helps and directs the various efforts towards a definite purpose. Harold Koontz states that “management is an art of getting things done through and with the people…[creating] an environment in which people can perform … towards attainment of group goals”. An arising problem within many current organisations is management being reluctant to change in attempts to maintain their status by resisting change under traditional set-up. Traditional management plans do not have much place in future organisational operations. In terms of traditional management within an organisation, managers have set plans for each individual within a team to follow, which have been implemented to continuously develop the business in the most efficient and effective means possible, but generally are not adaptable to much change. The use of a functional hierarchies, short span of control and one-dimension focus create an organisational culture unable to adapt to continuous changes, thus leading to redundancy. The company Pie Face is a business run through traditional management which dropped aggressively in the market. This was due to business growth being far greater than expected. The company was unable to sustain their fixated organisational plans and were being reluctant to the visible change needed. Due to this, the franchise lost 20 stores within a week in 2014. This reinforces the notion that a lack of flexibility in terms…

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