Management Information Systems ( Mis ) Essay

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Today, management information systems (MIS) have become so prominent in our day to day lives, and often we can forget about how efficient our lives and careers have become because of them.

One of the reasons for the large amounts of information systems operating around us, and the great emphasis we place on them daily, is because of Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law states that ‘the number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every eighteen months’, which has been roughly translated to ‘the speed of a computer doubles every eighteen months’. Graphs showing the price of transistors versus year confirm the accuracy of this law.

Because of technological advances, computer processors today are cheaper and faster than they ever have been, making computer hardware costs significantly cheaper than they once were. The low cost of processors has consequently made the cost of data storage, and data communications very affordable for businesses and organisations. This affordability has caused a massive growth in products and services available, such as Facebook, YouTube and Amazon.

Learning about information systems and their application within business is important, as it will give individuals the ability to adapt to a changing world of technology, and learn important mental skills such as abstract reasoning, systems thinking, collaboration and the ability to experiment, which are labelled as being important marketable skills by Robert Reich, the former U.S.…

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