Management Information System Essay

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Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd: 3
Historical background of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 4 Mission: 4 Vision: 5 Our Services: 5 Beximco Pharma’s Contribution: 5
Beximco Pharma products: 5 Blockbuster Products of BPL: 6 Other products: 6
Supply Chain: 7 Supply Chain strategy: 7 Supply Chain Management: 8 Implementation of Supply Chain Management: 9
SCM life cycle of Beximco Pharma: 9 1. PLAN: 9 Functions of Production planning 10 2. SOURCE 11 3. MAKE 11 List of Machineries used in liquid Section in Beximco Pharma: 12 Machineries Used in BPL: 13 4. DELIVER 14 QUALITY ASSURANCE: 14 QUALITY ASSURANCE IN INFUSION UNIT: 14
Departments of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd: 15
Major Operational
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As a result of this philosophy, the Beximco Group is today Bangladesh's largest private sector industrial conglomerate. In the course of its growth, it has created industrial and management capabilities that will serve the country for generations to come. BEXIMCO's industrial businesses include jute, textiles, basic chemicals and pharmaceuticals and marine foods. BEXIMCO's non-industrial undertakings technology, trading and financial services. It is the creation and expansion of businesses critical to Bangladesh's development, businesses, which are developed and run by Bangladeshis, businesses that develop technologies and practices specific to the needs of the country, which is the defining characteristic of the BEXIMCO story.

Finally, Beximco Pharmaceuticals manufactures a range of dosage forms including tablets, capsules, dry syrup, powder, cream, ointment, suppositories, large volume intravenous fluids, metered dose inhalers etc. in several world-class manufacturing plants, ensuring high quality standards complying with the World Health Organization (WHO) approved current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Beximco also contract manufactures for major international brands of leading multinational companies.

Historical background of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
The company was incorporated in 1976 and commenced operations in 1980 with the manufacturing and marketing,

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