Essay on Management Information System

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CHAPTER 11: Managing Knowledge and Collaboration
I. Question 2 (Chapter 11 - Page 442)
What types of systems are used for enterprise-wide knowledge management and how do they provide value for businesses?
1. Define and describe the various types of enterprise-wide knowledge management systems and explain how they provide value for businesses
a. Structured knowledge systems The essential problem in managing structured knowledge is creating an appropriate classification scheme to organize information into meaningful categories in a knowledge database that can be easily accessed by employees. Once the categories for classifying knowledge have been created, each document needs to be "tagged," or coded, so that search engines can retrieve
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b. Wikis Wikis are inexpensive, easy to implement and use, and do not require a massive software rollout. They are meant to stimulate collaboration. Users determine the content, eliminating the need for a central distribution center with extensive management. Wikis can centralize all types of corporate data that can be displayed in a Web browser, including Microsoft Word documents, spreadsheets, Microsoft PowerPoint slides, and electronic pages of documents, and can embed e-mail and instant messages. Heavy-duty wikis are able to directly interface with corporate databases to import audio and picture files. Although users can modify wiki content contributed by others, wikis have some built-in version control. No changes can be made without recording the author of those changes and it is possible to revert to an earlier version. These features of wikis make them especially appealing to small businesses with limited technology staffs and budgets, but they are also being deployed by large enterprises.
c. Social bookmarking Social bookmarking makes it easier to search for, and also to share information by allowing users to save their bookmarks to Web pages on a public Web site and tag these bookmarks with keywords. These tags can be used to organize and search for the documents, and lists of tags can be shared with other

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