Management Information System Essay example

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After millennia of unchallenged success, businesses and governments around the world are entering a new era of unprecedented openness. The movement to hold corporate officers and politicians accountable is spurred by three powerful forces: economics, technology, and zeitgeist. The entire world is experiencing a deep recession. The Internet, meanwhile, has revolutionized the speed and power of data analysis and dissemination. And financial institutions are being held responsible. In certain industries, Asian manufacturers dominate the United States’ consumer market. Third-world nations in Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and China continue to attract U.S. manufacturers seeking low wages for laborious tasks. And, in
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During the next decade, the supply management function is likely to contribute to profits more than any other function in the company.


Supply managers, buyers, and purchasing agents seek to obtain the highest-quality merchandise at the lowest possible purchase cost for their employers. In general, purchasers buy goods and services for use by their business organization. On the other hand, buyers typically buy items for resale. Purchasers and buyers determine which commodities or services are best for the specific requirement, choose the suppliers of the product or service, negotiate the lowest price, and award contracts that ensure that the correct amount of the product or service is received at the appropriate time. In order to accomplish these tasks successfully, purchasing managers, buyers, and purchasing agents identify foreign and domestic suppliers.
Purchasing managers, buyers, and agents must become experts on the services, materials, and products they purchase. Purchasing managers, buyers, and purchasing agents evaluate suppliers on the bases of price, quality, service support, availability, reliability, and selection. To assist them in their search for the right suppliers, they review catalogs, industry and company publications, directories, and trade journals. Much of this information is now available on the Internet. They research the reputation and history of the

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