Essay on Management Information System for Parknshop

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Management Information System
ParknShop Infrastructure Report

Introduction This is a report focusing on a specified organization’s web page. The assignment will summarize what you see as the infrastructure of PARKnSHOP.

* Background of PARKnSHOP
* Internal (IOS) * External (PEST, Porter’s five forces and CRM) * Strengths and weaknesses * Achieve Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention
* The Conclusion of PARKnSHOP’s System
* The Recommendation for PARKnSHOP

Reference * * *
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e.g. Watson wile cellar, Li Ka Shing Foundation, Although this is a kind of advertising of this three companies, but it’s links PARKnSHOP and other firms’s goods and services together from the Internet. | |

In summary, no matter in gaining benefit, advertising or promotion, the website of PARKnSHOP use the inter-organizational Information System,in order to achieve its aim to develop its business.

External Environment


* Political/legal :

PARKnSHOP have grown into a network of more than
200 stores in Hong Kong and Macau, with dedicated staff who pride themselves on their commitment to innovation and superior quality of service.

Parknshop has its Quality Assurance Department which aim to ensure the products that PARKnSHOP sell meet the highest standard of freshness, quality and safety.And this department is comprised of the Food Safety Centre, Fresh Check Food Hygiene Academy, Own Brand Quality Assurance, Non Food Quality Assurance and the Legal service. PARKnSHOP stores with fish counters are accredited to the Quality Seawater Assurance Scheme, which it a scheme ensures the seawater suppliers and seafood traders source only seawater that satisfies set quality and safety standards. The farm of mainland China not checked by the China Government only, but it is also checked and

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