Management Functions Of Human Resource Management Essay

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Ans 1: HRM basically means Human Resource management is about devolving and motivating as well to trained /manage an Organisation’s most important part which is a backbone of any Organisation: its people. HRM is responsible for whole manpower which is working in any industry about, how to manage them, how to make their performance best .
There are many different functions which are conducted by HRM as well.

As Shown in Diagram above, there are different management functions of Human Resource Management system which starts from Recruitment of employees for an Organisation and provide directions to the employees about how to do work/job effectively and efficiently.

To start up with, I interviewed different employees of Sistema Plastic co. to find out the relationship between the Human resource management and organisation. I opted Sistema Plastic co. of New Zealand for my assignment so, I met Mr Rahul Sharma there, who made it possible about meeting with HR employees of company and I had a great experience while interviewed them in a polite manner.

Ans1: (A) HRM plays an vital role in Sistema Plastic Co. when I was interviewing different employees of company they provided me lots of stuff regarding , How HRM works in there company and what are other functions which relates to the Human Resources Management as well .

HRM Relations With:
Recruitment and selection:
The purpose of recruiting is to hire new employees for the…

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