Management And Pre-Study Phases

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In other literature, before these phases there is other phase is called Pre-study phase:

Pre-study phase

The main objective of this phase is to ensure that the study to be done is properly targeted, that there is sufficient information to proceed with the study and that all the parties involved are well coordinated. According to Norton (1995) there are a few distinct activities that characterize this phase namely the following:

a. Orientation meeting

The VM facilitator, the clients’ representatives and the design team representatives should be present at this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to establish a proper understanding of the project and the clients’ objectives. This is very important so that information required
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Selection of the team members

The team members should be carefully selected and the person responsible should consider persons beyond the design and construction disciplines (Cloete , 2008).

d. Deciding on the duration of the VM session

This decision is dependent upon the size, nature and complexity of the project. It is quite obvious that large projects that are more complex will require a longer VM session time. The traditional norm for VM studies has been five days. (Norton,1995) This is enough for most projects although the duration must still be tailored according to the circumstances.

Most VM sessions are conducted in one continuous session but there are occasions where the sessions are split over a certain period of time. It may be more advantageous to take a break after the information phase in which additional information may be sought and the function analysis which is discussed later is costed. Time to conduct a VM session should not be shortened below the minimum time needed because this will definitely limit and diminish the results of the VM session (Thomas,
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Cost data are initially used to determine the areas of the project which represent poor value and later alternative proposals can be priced with that data .Norton, (1995) suggests that a dual estimate preparation and reconciliation be done to make the study more reliable. This is where the VM consultant and the design team prepares an estimate and these estimates are then reviewed for differences between them.

3.3.10 Value Management benefits
1 improved operational efficiencies (Coetzee_Value(2009)

a. Managers used certain information by value management to improve management efficiency. And also answer to two very important questions: what are the profitability sources and how can performance best be improved (Blagoje and Ljilja, 1999).
b. It provides management with authoritative evaluations and supporting
c. It provides management with Information of the project brief or design and their related capital and Operation costs

d. Prices are based on how much value customers get from your solution ( helping to manage discounting and commoditization pressure) .
e. save on project development time and ultimate service delivery to the community
f. resolving conflicts and Increase the marketing potentials Improved communication

2 capital funds savings (Paulin et al., 2006 and Norton,

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