Management And Management Decisions Of Arkansas Air, A Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning Company

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Management Fallacies:
Analyzing Management Decisions
Focused Marketing At Arkansas Air, a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning Company, managers and operators have not been marketing their business to the public adequately. Over the last couple years there has been a large decrease in new customer calls and only returning customer calls. The business has not been putting their name and number out for people to call when the potential customers are looking for a business. In previous years the business had used Yellow Pages with an ad in it under HVAC, but management decided it was not being cost effective due to Yellow Pages raising their advertisement prices every year. This has led to close to a decade of heavy reliance on current customer’s word of mouth referrals with no real advertisement to help induce a new customer base. Arkansas Air needs to look into a new form of marketing to increase call input. The newest form of advertising is now internet based marketing. There are many forms of internet based marketing, but the one that this company needs to focus on is Search Engine advertisement. Sponsored search is unique compared with offline advertising and other forms of online advertising because it is presumed to occur close to a user’s purchase decision and is matched on the basis of the user’s stated information need (Hosanagar and Cherapanov 2008) (as cited in Agarwal, Hosanagar, & Smith, 2011). This works well for a customer base that does not put a lot…

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