Management and Leadership Paper

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Management and Leadership Paper
Charles Lee
University of Phoenix

United Airlines presently manages nearly 3,000 flights daily on United, and United Express. This includes more than 200 domestic and international flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Denver. United is recognized as one of the largest international airlines in the United States, enjoying global air rights in the Asia-Pacific area, in Europe, and in Latin America (United Air Lines, 2009). United’s stock is presently listed under the Stock Market symbol UAUA. United Airlines is devoted to cost containment, improved revenue, and sustainable operations that will enhance a very competitive margin. United’s selection of services and
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The next service is Economy Plus, which provides an upgrade of more legroom. United Express, this service accommodates to the region and supplies more than 1,700 planned flights in the United States and Canada. United Air Lines provides what is in demand in the Premium Service flight this flight is trans-continental and accommodates VIP’s and highly valued customers. Also offered is United Airlines Cargo, which provides customers, same-day domestic and international shipping options for smaller packages as well as heavy freight (United Air Lines, 2009). The Star Alliance successfully transformed United Airlines into a more global carrier by joining forces with some of the world’s elite airlines. This association is the chief global airline alliance, and provides links for commuters and cargo clients to 965 global destinations in 162 countries. United Airline’s partners are Air Canada Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airlines, and Air New Zealand, just to name a few. United’s Star Alliance associates participate in the profitable Mileage Plus Program, which allows patrons an opportunity to earn sky miles when they fly that can be used for future flights. This program is one of the most successful loyalty programs with 54 million members globally (United Air Lines, 2009).

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