Management and Leadership Paper

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Katrina Phillips
University of Phoenix
Management and Leadership Paper
October 24, 2011

When we think about what a leader and manager is, most of us will use the same meaning. But in actual fact this is incorrect. We have to look at these two terms differently. What is a manager? A manager is someone who is responsible for directing and controlling the work and staff of a business, or of a department within the organization. So what is a leader? A leader is someone whom people follow, somebody who guides or directs others. Looking at both terms they both are very different. The question is always asked is a manager can be a leader and leader a manager. The true answer is managers are not always leaders, while leaders can be
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Both managers and leaders track the organization achievements. They are also responsible for inspiring staff to complete their tasks within the time frame that is allotted. Furthermore they ensure that that staff understands and has enough resources to complete the task in question. Lastly both a leader and a manager communicate activities to staff to ensure that tasks and responsibility duties are met.
How Managers and Leaders Create a Healthy Organizational Culture
For leaders and managers to create a healthy organizational culture both must set good business examples. “Leadership in a business is about setting a strategic vision and inspiring others to achieve it” (Gillikin, 2011). To keep an organization healthy the environment of the organization must be set at a standard that all employees feel comfortable and are being respected. Leaders motive employees to be the best they can at tasks that are assigned to them. If employees do not understand a task given then should feel comfortable enough to ask as many questions as possible to the task at hand is completed effectively. “Effective leaders motivate action around a common purpose, and good leaders provide the motivation plus a healthy dose of integrity” (Gillikin, 2011). On the other hand managers are people that have a power to execute. Manager’s implements task to complete the vision while leaders set the vision. Managers must make sure that the organizations regulations and policies

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