Management And Leadership Of Zappos Essay

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One man Nick Swinmurn, dreamed of purchasing the perfect shoe which led to the creation of Zappos. A company driven to provide satisfaction to its customers and employees through outstanding customer service. Zappos not only strives to provide the best customer service, but has established its ten core values upon which all decisions are made. Zappos credits its success to having outstanding leadership, organization, teamwork, empowered employees, and managers. Zappos accomplishments are due to the fact that all decision focus on long term decisions. Customer and employee satisfaction are top priority, “the way Zappos does business is more than the business itself.” (Go to Bing)

In terms of management and leadership Zappos managers and leaders possess, “emotional intelligence which states knowing the importance of understanding oneself, managing oneself, and working effectively with others.” (Bateman, T. S., Snell, S., & Konopaske, R., p.14) “Through the initiation of new projects,” Zappos characterizes achievement by employee’s willingness to take the lead and responsibility for projects no matter the size, displaying emotional intelligence according to the role of decisional entrepreneur. (Bateman, T. S., Snell, S., & Konopaske, R., p.12) Secondly its mangers and leaders perform disseminator informational roles when, “collaborating, communicate, provide guidance and motivate.” (Go to Bing) Zappos defines leadership using positive talk without blame and seeing the…

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