Management and Leadership in the Early Years Essay

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Throughout this assignment a discussion will take place into the theories of leadership, whilst examining the role of managers within the context of the early years. A series of management competences will be evaluated, whilst investigating the notions of leadership and collaboration.

Some theorists use the terms ‘leadership’ and ‘management’ reciprocally as if they are tantamount with one another, while others use them in a very purposeful sense to express that they are, in effect, rather different (Bush, 2003). Organisational successfulness, it is generally accepted, is dependant on both competent leadership and consistent management (Dimmock and Walker, 2005) According to Grace (1995) they do not follow from one or the other, but
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However, a difficulty with the democratic style of leadership is that various group members may not wish to be included in the decision-making process (Dunham, 1995). Furthermore, time management may be precarious, due to the extra time required for full consultation of the organisation (Dimmock and Walker, 2005). A major disadvantage of the democratic style of leadership according to Brundrett el at (2003) is that a lack of optimistic direction could prevent goals from being fulfilled, this could result in employees feeling indignant because they are involved in merely day-to-day tasks and do not have any actual contribution in the key issues within their place of work (Dunham, 1995).

Within the setting, it is the individuals who form the team who have the biggest affect on the effective running of the setting and its aptitude to implement its aspirations and goals (Moore, 2005). Grace (1995) claims that the excellence of the wellbeing; including teaching and family support made available by the setting is contingent to the qualifications, skills, experience and characteristics of all the individuals who form the school team. The qualification grade and expertise of each individual is undoubtedly significant, not least, due to the necessity to abide by statutory requirements, yet, the exceptional qualities of the members of staff are also crucial (O’Hagan and Smith, 1999).

However, Jacklin et al (2006) offers this view; a team contrived of too

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