Man 's Search For Meaning By Viktor E. Frankl Essay

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In the novel, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl was a look at what life was like in the Holocaust camp Frankl’s own eyes, who was a prisoner at Auschwitz. Frankl was searching for meaning in his own life. He wanted to figure out what his life meant to him, especially what he went through. A person can suffer something in their life and that person can either sulk and allow their life to not be a good one, or that person can make something out of their suffering and life their life. A person can find a meaning in their suffering, no matter what it is. Frankl was determined to never lose himself in the concentration camp. He survived because he never lost hope, and knew his suffering would not last forever. If Frankl was negative and thought he was going to die he would have died. Instead, he was positive outlook and attitude in the camp. Frankl came up with the theory that a prisoner experiences three stages in the camp: shock, apathy, and disappointment. Frankl was able to come up with the stages because of experiencing it personally and witnessing the prisoners around him. Also, prisoners turned into capos and sided with the Nazi’s. They would beat the other prisoners for food and to survive. The novel showed that people will do anything to survive, no matter the cost. If a person has to be cruel and hurt other prisoners they will. It’s sad, but people will do what they think will benefit them no matter the consequences. Frankl needed to find a meaning of life,…

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