Man 's Relationship With The Natural World Essay

1867 Words Aug 27th, 2016 8 Pages
Man’s relationship to the natural world has always been a competitive one. Since the beginning of human civilization, mankind has strived to develop new technology and inventions through complex innovation but also through the use and help of nature’s resources. Every day, the human race seems to be finding new ways to consume things differently, explore unseen parts of the world, develop faster productivity, and construct radical creations; all to advance collectively as a society. It is nothing short of remarkable all the progress mankind is making, but it can definitely be noted that humans are also failing to consider the toll all this activity might be taking on nature and earth itself, more so the effects it has on climate change in particular. In 2016, NASA released an article stating that Earth’s surface temperatures were the warmest on record since temperature record-keeping began in 1880 (Brown, pars. 1). This is eye-opening news to many, but to others, it holds no significance nor does it seem at all detrimental to the world. In a 2012 article that was featured in Engineering and Technology Magazine, Johnny Ball, an English television personality, formulates claims that support these similar disbeliefs and denials in climate change; he discusses how human activity has little to do with climate change and also understates the idea that climate change is a threat. However, due to lack of evidence and an impotent tone, Ball’s effort to persuade his audience that it…

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