Man Is The Measure Of All Things Analysis

“Man is the measure of all things”, is commonly believed to mean that humans hold the most value. We were created first giving us the ultimate value. Humans must have been created first for the reason that they should uphold whatever came next and that they, as humans, are the ones responsible for the order of the world. If they were to forget their value, as they’ve done now, the world would be sent into chaos.
If you look at government and it’s people, you will see that man has lost their value. Man has become the subculture to whatever government may see themselves as, whether that be gods or deities. Humans have domain over what they create or rule over. The “people” have rule over the government but have forgotten that and now government runs the world, controlling how they, as conscious, bipedal, powerful humans see the world and how they live.
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It’s understood that as a living human, man must maintain the world and how those below them, being animals, insects, etc. live and how they are used. That’s also including technology. Humans created technology to make a complicated life simpler, not to allow it to take control of the work force and also the general lives of humans. Technology has become a part of a human’s mundane life. For example, there are online dating sites for people. In older times, people used to go out to meet people, and they used to take people out on dates, but now we have technology to take the place of that. Technology has made the value of being human go lower. Humans had the ability to talk to the people they were attracted to, face to face, without the means of technology to be that

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