Man and Masculinity Essay

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Encarta dictionary defines masculinity as “those qualities conventionally supposed to make a man an excellent specimen”; but what exactly are those qualities? Many would say that physical strength, ability to compete in sports, or even the ability to hold liquor are all parts of masculinity. In ancient Greece, they called this quality andreia, literally meaning “manliness”. In truth, masculinity is a much deeper trait that can be viewed differently by a variety of people. Realistically, masculinity cannot be defined universally. A man who is considered masculine in France would most definitely not be considered masculine in the Middle East, simply because the cultures in those areas of the world are vastly different in their beliefs and …show more content…
In fact, this barely scratches the surface of the meaning of the word. Much more important to the ideal of masculinity is how a man can think and behave according to his emotions. A man with absolute control over all of his emotions-anger, fear, sadness, joy, etc. - can be considered a true specimen of man, or masculine. That is not to say that he should always keep his emotions inside, and keep them hidden. Emotions are meant to be let out, but only when it is appropriate. For example, when a man is with his family or people he cares about, he should not show anger or extreme frustration. He should understand that those emotions can rub off on others and keep them under control. Most essential of the emotions to control is the control of fear. All real men are affected by fear, but those considered masculine have mastered it and do not allow it to control their decisions. There is one exception to the rule- those who work out of fear for other’s safety or well-being are the best men who walk on this planet. Any man who does this should be considered masculine. A real man can also create emotions such as fear. A man’s ability to intimidate those around him shows that he holds power, a very crucial character of a man. Spirituality is something that is not thought of often when it comes to masculinity. However, many qualities seen as manly do fall under this category. One of these qualities is courage. Courage is the act

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