Essay about Man 373 Written Assignment 4

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MAN 373 Written Assignment 4
Click Link Below To Buy: Scenario: You are the Human Resources Director of Recruitment for XYZ Enterprise, and chosen to develop an interview strategy to fill an open position of an Executive Assistant.
The purpose of this report is to advise the hiring committee of XYZ Enterprise of an interviewing strategy to fill in the open position of Senior Level Executive Assistant. Our ordinary objective is to present everyone involved in the hiring process with the most effective questions and selecting process in an interview. The human Resources department is responsible for reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews for potential employee candidates.
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According to the nature of this role and its impact on the executive department, the following job requirements are mandatory:
1. 8 to 10 years of experience supporting high level executives is required
2. Oversees the administration of the vice president’s office; sets priorities; enforces regulations; monitors procedures and recommends changes as appropriate.
3. Participates as a member of the vice president’s council and serves as a liaison for the vice president to council members and other internal or external constituents.
4. Arranges meetings, conferences, special events, and luncheons for the vice president.
5. Maintains the vice president’s appointment schedule; makes travel arrangements; manages the vice president’s unit calendar of events.
6. Develops and prepares agendas for various departmental meetings; coordinates and attends meetings as appropriate; prepares and distributes minutes to appropriate personnel.
7. Performs complex and confidential secretarial duties relating to personnel issues; maintains confidential and sensitive information.
8. Assists in the scheduling and planning of the annual budget process; tracks financial reporting requirements and budget calendars.
9. Tracks and reconciles all budget accounts for the unit vice president.
10. May have approval authority with budget responsibility as assigned by the vice president.

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