Mama Nadi Women

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The order for the women would be: Mama Nadi, Josephine, Sophie, and then Salima. Mama Nadi has the most power and freedom because she owns all the other woman in the play and tells them what to do. Josephine has been with Mama Nadi longer than the other girls, hence her being ranked higher on the list. The women with the least amount of power and freedom are Sophie and Salima. They did not have the authority to make their own decisions and had to follow whatever Mama Nadi told them to do. Combining the two lists yields: Commander Osembenga, Jerome Kisembe, Laurent, Mr. Harari, Fortune, Simon, Christian, Mama Nadi, Josephine, Sophie, and lastly Salima. All the women rank behind the men simply because of their gender. The women were taken advantage …show more content…
Mama Nadi hopes for a secure piece of land. She wants land that no one will take from her the same way her father’s land was taken. Sophie wishes to have surgery to repair her body. She was ruined and even stole from Mama Nadi to pay for the surgery. This shows how much she wanted her pain to go away. Salima wished that she could return to her old life. Though she may have denied it, she wanted her child and husband back. Josephine longed for Mr. Harari to take her to the city with him. She really did not want to live life as a prostitute anymore and instead wanted to start a life with Mr. Harari. Christian wanted to start a life with Mama Nadi. He loved her and would always flirt with her and attempt to convince her to run away with him. In the end, he got what he wanted and finally kissed and danced with her. Mr. Harari wished to never come back to the Congo. He was a city man and hated every part of being in the Congo. That is why he left Sophie behind at the end of the book. Fortune wanted to have his wife back. He loved her and wanted her forgiveness. He even stood outside Mama Nadi’s bar for days in an attempt to find her. However, the next time he got to see her, she died in his arms. Simon wanted to follow Commander Osembenga’s orders and to convince Fortune that his wife was dead. He did not believe she was still alive and grew tired of Fortune’s constant searching. That is why he abandoned Fortune to return to Commander Osembenga. Laurent wanted to follow Osembenga’s orders. He was faithful to him, hence why Osembenga kept him at his side. Both Jerome Kisembe and Commander Osembenga had the same goal. They wanted to eradicate each other and gain a profit while doing it. This shows how they were led by greed instead of a want to help the people like they claimed to be doing. Finally, the Aid Worker only wanted to escape the war. He would not wait any longer and took off without Sophie, leaving her at Mama

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