Essay about Malware Is A Serious Problem

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What is the meaning of hackers What is the Malware ? And how many type of it ?. At time time , Malware become more dangerous than before. Even though IT security companies could not figure out how to be warned and discover it after spreading in network. Malware has become a serious issues , as we know the world now depending for technology to communicate , shopping , and educations. So I will explain what type of of malware and how to prevent from it.

Malware is a serious problem and customer are mostly victim. The malware basically is a software design by hacker to perform a malicious work. Publish the the advertisements in browser and gain the password account. Sometimes the Malware designed to destroy the network and servers. Malware can get access in the machine and damage the software or effect of social network. There are a type of Malware such as Trojan , viruses and worms. All of these Malware has task to do it, also the most popular are spyware , zombie and financial malware.
What is the ransomware ? The definition of ransomware is a type of malicious software design to block access to computer system until a sum of money paid. The technique of ransomware is encrypted the data and computer system until the victim buy. While the ransomware is not the new malware that hackers used it , but it become more development than last time. Which mean not security company can decrypted the computer system encrypted by ransomware. More significant , ransomware…

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