Summary: Discrimination Against Immigrants

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In America there is an immense discrimination against immigrations. Many stereotypes about immigrants being criminals and job snatchers, but I disagree not all immigrants are what they’re portrayed to be. My father was first an illegal immigrant, he literally came to America on a boat, he’s been here for over 31 years and not once has he committed any crime. Like many of fathers like him, he just wanted a better life, an American dream. If I could change the policy, I would allow the immigrants to stay, if anyone feel like they are “job snatchers” then they should provide more jobs. I don’t believe there should be any maltreatment or discrimination against immigrants because America is supposed to be land of the free and that’s what a lot of foreigners believe. If a law was to be passed to send all immigrants back to their countries, who exactly does the government think would be their workers? According to a blogger on Alev Dudek, a blogger on Huffpost (2015), she claims that “As the world is …show more content…
The requirements should be more reasonable with getting permits to work and visa. I believe the restrictions and denied visas are the reason for illegal immigrants. For example, if I am a working woman in another country, I provide proof that I have sufficient money to support myself while on vacation, give the documents asked and have evidence that I will return back to my country, then why should I get denied a visa if all I want to do is go on vacation. According to Joel Stossel a blogger (2014), he states “We should make legal immigration easier, relax the rules, issue work permits. Conservatives usually understand that complex regulations make life hard for people. Immigration bureaucracy makes life harder not just for the immigrants but for the rest of us.” (Stossel.par. 3). More law rights should be given to immigrants to avoid unwanted

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