Malthus Theory Of Overpopulation Essay

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Earth’s population is growing rapidly leading to a state where human population exceeds the Earth’s carrying capacity. Thomas Robert Malthus was the first economist to start the theory of population and the idea of overpopulation. He wrote his views and explanation about population and its consequences on his essay on “Principles of Population” which was published on 1798. The book explained the relationship between food and population, and their growth patterns. His views on the theory of overpopulation and its impact influenced many political economist and earned economics the label of the “dismissal science”. Malthus was concerned by the condition of poverty in the British cities during his time and the increase of population in the industrializing societies. The main idea of Malthus theory was to maintain balance between the …show more content…
Climate change and global warming, which are some major issues happening on the Earth is the result of increase in population. Extinction of plants and animals, pollution of water resources and degradation on the lifestyle is also caused by increase in population. In addition to this, population growth leads to depletion of natural resources, degradation of environment, war and conflict, and high cost of living. As population increases, they need more settlement areas which is provided by clearing out forests and cutting down trees. For example, China is the most populous country and due to overpopulation in China, they have air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution and lack of resources like drinking water, oil and fuels needed for day to day life. Same is the case with India, Africa and other developing European countries. Moreover, increase in population means more use of resources due to which we have scarcity in oil, drinking water, minerals and other natural

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