Malnutrition And Its Effects On The Human Body Essay

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Malnourishment and Mortality: Daily, all around the world, hunger and malnutrition take more lives of humans than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Starvation is a worldwide issue that has detrimental effects on people’s physical and social well being. The deprivation of food and nutrients can cause many negative effects on the human body especially for growing children. Negative effects can include being more vulnerable to diseases, a stunted physical and mental growth and higher child mortality rates. In both growing children and adults, immune systems are more deficient when having an illness from malnourishment. “Worldwide, malnutrition and specific nutrient deficiencies are the leading underlying cause of immune deficiency, leading to infections and other diseases” (Seri). The ability for the human body to be ill and catch diseases, increases when malnourished. The immune system is not fully effective when not nourished and therefore makes catching diseases easier than if you were fully nourished and your immune system was in full effect. “Malnutrition, deficient in micronutrients and micronutrient imbalances can disrupt the function of various immune system components. This weakens the immune defence, decreasing its effectiveness in the eliminations of pathogens and making us vulnerable to various diseases” (Seri). Malnourishment not only lets people become sicker faster but it also makes it harder for the body to fight the sickness because of the weakened…

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