Mall Observation Essay

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Register to read the introduction… There are people continually walking in with raincoats and umbrellas dripping. As I look around, I realize that the three groups I observed last week are probably not here tonight. I honestly think I would recognize them due to how much they stood out to me on my last visit.
It did not take long before I was hit with that same sense of sadness I experienced last Saturday. All of the young kids and some of the adults gave me the impression of a desire for attention. Everyone wanted to be noticed in some way which was obvious by the clothes and accessories they all wore. I even saw a few mothers whose clothing was not any different from their teenage daughters.
The girls I see here this evening are young teens who are wearing too much makeup trying to be seen by the young boys who are wearing expensive sneakers and saggy pants down around their buttocks. A few of the girls I see are young mothers pushing baby strollers and conversing about the latest fashion. One young girl I see is pushing a newborn in a stroller while yelling at another toddler about two-years-old. She is trying hard to act as though it is not bothering her to have two young kids all alone but it is apparent that she is has gotten into something much more than what she bargained for. By the way, did I mention there was no father in sight? Well, I am feeling that deep sadness
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The world leaves no stone unturned to promote any and all of its sinful messages to deceive, manipulate, and control our youth. As a Christian, it is vitally important to promote Christ to our youth. They need to be taught about salvation and how much the Lord loves them. Many people go through their life each day and do not know that God loves them and what’s to have an intimate relationship with each individual.
As a witness for Christ, I should have been bold enough to approach some, if not all, of the kids I could see were truly hurting. I could see there was a need and should have been all too willing to put forth the effort to get God’s message out to the youth. Satan is very seductive and not afraid to go after what he wants by any means necessary. A worker for Christ should be equally as persistent about telling about the goodness of the Lord. I have numerous personal testimonies that I am sure would have helped some of the kids I encountered on both occasions. So, then, why was I afraid to approach these teens when I knew I could help them through ministering and prayer? I believe I allowed the enemy to steal my confidence and make me think that what I do is not

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