What Is Real-Time Marriage?

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Since the beginning of time marriage was labeled for love, companionship, family, devotion, respect, and commitment. There’s a ceremony that takes place to unite a couple in matrimony, whether it’s big or small, public or private, the couple has some form of display to commence their union. During this time newlywed are finding themselves submerged into marital bliss as each day is filled with joy and endless love. However, as time has progressed so has marriages in what it takes to sustain the happiness and longevity.
In the past marriage was seen as a couple who found love between one another. A love that was so strong it could withstand not only the test of time, but any obstacles that came its way. Long ago when a man decided it was time
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Difficulties in ways that would test anyone’s ability to see it through. However, most marriages in those days fought through the hard times no matter what they faced. Endless respect and devotion could be seen as an essential core of happiness along with staying in love. Couples understood one another’s habits, likes, and dislikes in doing so allowed them to know each other. Therefore, when times became difficult one was not quick to give up or leave. Men showed appreciation in the form of flowers just because, chivalry with the opening of doors, tilting one’s hat upon greeting a lady, and kind gentle words when speaking to his wife. Women, on the other hand displayed admiration for their spouse and showed support even when failure came upon. No stone was left unturned as decisions were made as a whole and finger pointing was nonexistent.
This was genuine and true love, a love that was built with time and patience. General practices one does not display today. Has love become a mental fantasy that only exists in one’s mind? Did TV programming, media exaggeration, and movies create an outlook about love far beyond reality? This is something one must ask themselves as love in a marriage today is no longer the core foundation. In today’s society couples use the fact they no longer love each other as grounds for divorce. When examining their marriage in its entirety love tends to be in existence
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No extravagant display of floral arrangements, no renting of large upscale venues, expensive wedding attire, exotic places, nor overpriced meals. Just those close to the bride and groom to celebrate their union in its own way. Today, weddings come in many styles, forms, and fashion. Most over the top exquisite in detail and very expensive to afford. Weddings and everything it includes becoming the focal point and tone in which levels of happiness are obtained. Meaning, the more a man spends the happier and in love she is. However, what is shocking are the statistics that show 46% of most marriages last longer when a couple has an expensive wedding, whereas, 18% are more likely to divorce when having a small wedding. Statistically, one would say in order to have a more promising marriage than spare no cost on your

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