Essay on Male Victims Of Sexual Assault

1758 Words Apr 14th, 2016 null Page
Most people think that men can not get sexually assaulted, but it is pretty common to hear about male victims of sexual assault, but not as common as hearing about ladies getting sexually assaulted. If a person ever heard about a men getting sexually assaulted you probably think about prison or if the male is homosexual; that can be the case, but actually most male victims get sexually assaulted by ladies. The actual definition of sexual assault is” the sexual exploitation, forcible penetration, or an act of sexual contact on the body of another person, male or female, without his or her consent.” When men get sexually assaulted they have to deal with a lot like having to do deal with the aftermath. Alos all the emotional and physical pain they have to go through and the mental pain, and with that mental pain goes there thought about if they are still a man and how could they let something like that happened to them. After men get sexually assaulted they also have deal with their sexuality. Most people think if male sexually assaulted by another man they automatically think the male is homesexual and even the victims has the same thoughts because well the event was happening they got aroused which doesn’t mean anything because it is a natural body instent. Another difficult thing a male victim has to deal with after getting sexually assaulted is being treated differently by other. After someone finds out you got sexually assaulted by a man they think you are into guys are…

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