Essay on Male Sex Aggression On A University Campus

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As a senior in high school with application deadlines impending, stress and anxiety is constant. The transition between high school and college is immense, and now that college sexual assaults are growing at an alarming rate, the changeover is even more distressing. College theoretically is a place to explore passions, and interests in a safe learning environment, but now it has become a landscape filled with fear of sexual assault. According to U.S department of justice one in five college attending women will be victims of campus sexual assault. Although the statistics are stark and startling, certain administrators and media outlets argue that campus assaults are due to alcohol usage and an incline of general provocative or promiscuous attitudes. As primitive as those arguments may sound, the federal law does the bare minimum for college sexual assaults, leaving states to govern their own laws which can be influenced by dean 's’ personal views.
Once a discreet subject, sociologist Eugene Kanin researched this phenomena in 1957. Titled “ Male sex aggression on a university campus” her research elaborates on the thesis that men used secrecy and stigma to pressure and exploit women. The root of rape is understood to be a basis of power exchange rather than purely sexual. This understanding also factors into what we know as “date rape” coined by Mary Koss in the 1980s. Date rape remains a popular form of assault due to its discretion. The ability to leave a women…

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