Male Athletes And Female Athletes Essay

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Eating disorders are more commonly seen in females; however, they do occur in male athletes. They are less prominent than in female athletes, and therefore in danger of being missed. Chatterton et al (2013) lead an expansive research involving the diagnoses and treating eating disorders in male athletes. The study looked at 732 male focused group participants of college athletes. The data collected and data analysis was very practical, but some of the points were quite excruciating. The first major point was that male athletes have even higher percentage rates in eating disorders compared to female athletes. Another point was that due to the social image of men, most men were too embarrassed to admit or seek help since it is “unmanly”, to show vulnerability; as a result the eating disorder will get worse and eventually leads to death. Finally, it pointed out since being exposed frequently by the media and the family, friends, colleagues, coaches they feel the pressure of shaping their bodies related to the performance expectations in their sports but also to maintain a muscular but lean body build to comply with the societal ideal. This study was very diverse since the study was not done in a particular area or institution, but their results were based on a national level. In addition, it was a well fact-filled article with important statistics like the citation used from (Petrie, Greenleaf, Carter & Reel, 2009; Petrie et al., 2008) that in two studies of U.S. male…

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