Essay about Male And Females Bodies Are Viewed Today On Magazine Or Ads?

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How are male and females bodies are viewed today on magazine or ads? Do people look just at what they want to look at or do people look at the whole picture? Sometimes who’s ever on the magazines people just want to look at what ever pops out to them. It can be either male body 's, females body 's, males clothing or females clothing. Another view on things can be movies. Every romantic movie has a least one handsome male with a six pack and a beautiful girl with a nice skin tone and nice legs. For females to see a male with six pack abs they would want to be in there shoes because they find that attractive. For the males it 's a different side of it. They would want to be his shoes because the male has a six pack abs, and be with a beautiful girl like in the movie.
The way how the advertisement about males are set up today have lots of comments that come through the people 's minds. The way they uses male advertisement is to get another males and other females to be interested in. Bordo point of view on males body are that “Men act and females appear.” She means by this is that males worry to much of what they wear and females don’t have to worry to much they feel comfortable of what they wear. (Nick Jonas wears Calvin Klein)
For example, this male in the advertisement in a pose on a advertisement with just underwear he probably feeling a little uncomfortable. But he is not the only one that feels uncomfortable because there plenty of other males that sees this…

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