Male And Female Role Equality In Pride And Prejudice

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Mattie Mahoney
Ms. Mcknight
Second Block
December 4, 2017
Male and Female Role Equality Wanted Gender roles consist of the way someone carries themselves and the label of “male” or “female” is based off of the qualities of that person and if they match the role. Gender roles are still a concern today. People are fighting back. Both male and female want equality. Some jobs are considered particularly made for the manliness men, but some women want to be seen equally to men even in those jobs. We will look through the advancements, the protests, and even give an example. Male and female roles differ everywhere from workplace environment, living areas, culture, and all around the world. One of the first major rallies of the fight for women’s
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In the book, it is shown that the mother’s job is to get the daughter married as soon as possible so that she will have a decent life ahead of her.(Austen, Chapters 1-2) The reason behind this is because back in the time this book takes place, the daughters wouldn’t get any inheritance from their father but if the family had any sons then the inheritance would go to the next son in line. If the family didn’t have any sons, it would go to the next male member in line. (Austen, Chapter 13)Either way, it could not go to the females. When looking for someone to marry their daughter, the father was supposed to go to the particular male and talk with them. The father represented the household. Gender Role Equality has been a major concern in many parts of the world and many cultures. There has always been a want equality from some of both genders. People are going to keep fighting for their rights. Even in major writings like Pride and Prejudice there are many examples of gender inequality throughout time. Now, the world is starting to see the inequality that we still have today and many are working with it and trying to make things right. The fight for gender equality may never end. Even today male and female roles differ all over the

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