Women In Elizabethan Theater Essay

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What were the consequences of the long term use of male actor as women in Japanese Kabuki and English early morden theater(1600-1700s)?

1. Introduction In the history of the globe theater, there are few countries had prohibited women from acting on stage. In Greek drama, the play was all act by men. In the festival of Dionysus, women were even not allowed to be in the audience. The male actors in Greeks theater even live as women in their normal life. However, Women participated heavily in religion so it is possible that they participated fully in the theater, but they were excluded from the festival where the dramas that have come down to us were performed.
During the Elizabethan era, the English theater prohibited women from acting by law. As a result, there was no actress at the Globe Theatre during William Shakespeare’s lifetime. During that period, young male actors had to train and act the female characters' part; they would have to learn to be feminine and dress like a woman.
In Japanese Kabuki (the traditional Japanese theater),which was originally created by women, the female performers were banned in the 1629 (Tomonari, 2012, para. 1). As women performers were banned by the government, obviously, the male actors
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The normal clothing in the Elizabethan clothing of the supper class was sumptuous; it was luxurious and covered a whole variety of colors. Ordinary Elizabethans were not able to wear the latest fashion, however, actors in the Elizabethan theater had got an exception to wear fine clothes, therefore, a Theatre costume would be double as a fashion show. The film costume worn by the boy actors was constructed with many layers of clothing. Therefore, is take a considerable time, and it needs the help of a dresser to dress a boy player in costume. Wigs or they called periwigs were available at anytime as it were in fashion at that

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