Malcom X : Black Power And His Frustration With White Culture

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The inequalities, which prevails in America are no different then on what happened

during the Civil Right’s Movement. In a debate about student sit-ins Malcom X argues the idea

of black power and his frustration with white culture. In his paragraphs Malcom discusses the

hypocrisy of white cultural, and one prime example is education. Lately teaching the history of

slavery or other important black issues have been lacking. America only teaches bits of parts of

history, and slavery is not one of them. Malcom X was correct on the topic of white hypocrisy,

and I agree with him. America needs to stop neglecting the past and accept the outcome. Malcom

urges the community to no longer stay quite and not be afraid. Education is important and it

plays a significant role in our future we should not let America choose on what we should or

shouldn’t learn.

Looking back, I can remember my history class and the lessons I learned, but slavery was

not one of them. I did in fact learn about the holocaust and 9/11 both events were horrible, but

our notably white publicize. Malcom X said it best “the only people who are told to forget the

injustice that have been done to them are black people”. This statement is clearly correct because

when September comes around we are told to never forget, but when the topic of slavery is

brought up we are told ignore it and not be stuck in the past. Although 9/11 did evidently change

America it should not be the only horrific…

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