Essay Malcom X And Sayyid Qutb

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During the middle of the 20th century there have existed two intellectual and revolutionary men of their Era who would change the thoughts of many African Americans and the ideals of Muslims near Egypt. These men names are respectively Malcom X and Sayyid Qutb living in their own social unrest societies. As historical coincidence would have it, in the same year Sayyid Qutb came to America, a young delinquent African America by the name of Malcom X was introduced to Islam by his family and later converted to it, by the Honorable Elijah Muhammed while serving his last years of prison at Concord Reformatory in Massachusetts. Almost at the same time Sayyid Qutb an international student of the USA, increasingly became a prisoner of his own thoughts about his faith due to the nature of America. A year after Sayyid Qutb left America and returned to Egypt, he joined the Muslim Brotherhood. While Malcom X was released from prison and joined the Nation of Islam as a Muslim and begin a valiant career on promoting Islam in America. By comparing and contrasting these two Muslim revolutionaries, one Malcom X, an African American who turned from delinquent to faithful to Allah found his path and so many others on his journey to the east (Mecca). In comparison Sayyid Qutb found the answer for his society in his stay in America. Going back to Malcom Littleā€™s youth before he was known as Malcom X was a time of delinquency where he had committed every sin that could be imaginable in the…

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