Malcolm X: The Black Power Movement

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A wise man named Malcolm X once said, “ A man who stands for nothing will often fall for anything.” In Malcolm’s 39 years of life he grew to become one of the most revolutionary men in America. Malcolm’s father Earl Little was a Baptist minister and a firm supporter of Marcus Garvey, who was a civil rights activist, and began the black power movement. With his father’s support in Garvey, the Little family began to receive death threats from the white supremacist organization the Black Legion. As the threats began to escalate on the Little family they were forced to move twice before Malcolm’s fourth birthday. The Black Legion later murdered his father Earl. When Malcolm grew older he went to prison for robbery, and that’s where he found his …show more content…
He went on to create his own organization called the Muslim Mosque, Inc. The NOI was not happy about the decision that Malcolm made, and they began to fight agents him. The same year that Malcolm removed himself from the NOI he visited Mecca. Mecca is a religious trip taken by Muslims to come together. On his trip to Mecca Malcolm said he found “ blonde hair blue eyed men he could call his brothers.”(Foner) The FBI and the NOI followed him during his trip marking every step he made plotting against their old brother Malcolm. When Malcolm came back, he had a more peaceful train of thought, although he still wanted blacks to fight back, he stopped addressing the white community as the white devil, and began to have a more open mind. All the while the FBI, and NOI were planning his assassination. Multiple attempts to harm Malcolm were made, including a bomb in his car, and the burning of his home with his family in it. On February 21, 1965 before a speech he was about to give in New York, New York Malcolm was shot fifteen times by three members of the Nation of

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