Malcolm X Speech Analysis

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What do you think the world would be like if they were alive? Three people working towards the same goal, in the same time period with different approaches. Martin Luther King Jr marched and gave speeches to promote confidence and power to his followers. Malcolm X spoke about the nation of islam as his saviour and how blacks should stand together to fight for freedom. Muhammad Ali listened to Malcolm and Elijah Muhammad 's speeches which helped him become an islamic boxer. He fought every powerful boxer he could to show power is earned not given. He fought the military on the draft and stood up for what he believed in. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali all worked towards equality for african americans.
When he began the
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As Cassius Clay arrived Malcolm X immediately noticed him and his brother. When they met Cassius was confident and proud which left an impression on Malcolm X. Soon after Malcolm becomes band from Elijah Muhammad 's group he made his own and one of the first members was Cassius Clay who is now known as Muhammad Ali. “As long as I was yelling: "I am the greatest" and my name was Cassius Clay. "I 'm pretty." The army didn 't want me. Two times they let me off. They whispered: "He 's a little mentally off." They made a way to keep me out of the army. But then they heard I was a Muslim. They said: "That [n*****] ain 't crazy." And they changed the whole draft law just to get me. Understand?”(the black scholar …show more content…
We have some who think integration will solve it. Some black power. Some intermarriage. Some separation. We 're all black, fighting the same white oppressor. The goal is the same -- freedom, justice and equality for our people. We 're not trying to attack one another, since we all want freedom. But we 've got to chastise a brother when we think he 's doing wrong.” ( The Black Scholar Interview ). These men Fought for basic human rights for people who were too scared to do it on there own. They all worked together in ways that helped bring the community together, coincidentally they didn 't always agree with each other but if this movement had never happened imagine where the world would be. “Both Malcolm and Martin were men of thought and action. Therefore, the purpose of the teach-ins should be not only to study but also to inspire young African Americans to act to solve the multiple crises African people face today in this country and around the world” ( Remembering Malcolm and

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