The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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Throughout the majority of my school life, I was always taught in history classes about the mistreatment of groups of people due to certain groups thinking that they were superior to others, because of their race, ethnic, religion, or skin color. A common and known example of this act of superiority is the mistreatment against blacks that emerged in America. For years, blacks were told that they were inferior to whites, for no reason, justification, or explanation; however, there were people who questioned this superiority and decided to stand up and fight against the horrifying racism that was seen throughout America; one of these people being Malcolm Little, or more commonly known as Malcolm X.
The Autobiography of Malcolm X portrays the
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Growing up, Malcolm was thrown into a world of racism through both family and school. In his own family, he was born with lighter skin than his brothers and sisters, his father, Earl Little, treated him better than his siblings, giving him his first insight to how blacks were viewed as inferior by not just whites, but blacks as well. In school, even though he excelled beyond the other students, he was discouraged in pursuing a career as a lawyer, most likely because he was black, despite his ability to do so. I found this incident slightly frustrating to me, as I can relate to this on some level. Various people have personally told me that the profession I would like to pursue is unrealistic for me as it is more in favor of males than females, not exactly the same but similar to Malcolm’s situation in the sense that I was told I wouldn’t be able to accomplish something because of my gender, something I cannot control; just like how he was told he could not be a lawyer because of his skin color, something he could not control as well. Malcolm inspired me because despite growing up feeling inferior, he managed to make himself well known worldwide for his own achievements and accomplishments, influencing people all around the …show more content…
It told the life of someone today who is viewed as a good person and an influential leader, but the book did not just write about his achievements and blur out all his negatives. I liked how the book was written to be blunt and straightforward, how it showed not only Malcolm’s strong points but also his weak points, which I thought was a good way in trying to show people that even those who have downfalls can rise above it and become a better person. The book gave us insight into not only Malcolm’s views on society but also on how he felt during certain situations and just exactly how he viewed

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