Essay about Malcolm X And The Civil Rights Movement

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The world contains many famous figures who have taken a stand against important issues that they believed to be inhumane or morally wrong. Malcolm X was a man who played a large role in the civil rights movement to help unite black and white people in America through any means necessary. As exemplified throughout Malcolm’s speeches, he strongly believes that one must put his religion aside to fight against the common enemy, in this case, the white people. Malcolm’s role in the Nation of Islam, his experiences as a child, and his passion to learn largely drove his tremendous influence in the civil rights movements and led to the very influential speeches he gave. Malcolm X experienced a difficult and heart-breaking childhood, one that was difficult his entire family. He was the victim of a multitude of both emotional and physical pain growing up as a black child, such as the vicious harassment he and the rest of his family received from his father, as well as the “terrifying visits he received from the KKK” (Ferran). Only a few afters his family moved to Lansing, Michigan after their old house was burned down in a vindictive hate crime, Malcolm’s father, Earl Little, was found dead. This was only one of the horrifying scenarios which caused his anger and resentment of the white race to grow within him.
Growing up, Malcolm developed the skill of stealing and found himself battling his “personal ambition versus general racist preconception” (Ferran) all throughout High…

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