Malcolm X And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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What does it mean to be educated? The definition of education and what it means to be educated is so broad. There are many opinions and views about education. This topic has always been greatly debated. Education means many things to many different people but what does it mean to you? It has become common today to dismiss anyone from a job who does not have a college degree. People have argued constantly about who should be able to get a college degree here are some basics to back up that fact.
Malcolm X believes that everyone should educate themselves so that every individual can find their own opinions and truth in society. Malcolm X acquired this belief after spending time in prison. It was in prison where Malcolm X changed his life forever. He went from a criminal to great leader in the civil rights movement. Malcolm X learned valuable lessons in prison. He learned the power of a single word and how one word could change your life forever. A dictionary gave Malcolm X control of his life because with every new word he learned he was that much closer to reaching his full potential. The books he read in his jail cell allowed him to form his own opinions and beliefs on society, history, culture and much more. He also found his faith in prison which allowed him to inspire others. Malcolm X believed that by self educating you opened up a world of possibilities. You could gain the freedom of thought and the voice to speak those thoughts. Malcolm X proved to himself and so many…

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