Malcolm X And The Black Muslim Movement Essay

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The Nation of Islam adopted a young African-American male who devoted his life to religion and developed the Black Muslim movement as a human rights activist. Malcolm X believed blacks were no different from whites. He preached that white people have no right to mistreat us. He called other minorities to fight for their rights as American people. His beliefs and ideas would prompt African-Americans to be a part of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm interpreted that the Negro had to find his “own identity, develop his own culture, and lay the foundations for a self-respecting productive community" (Haley XXVII). Malcolm X was a courageous advocate who achieved equal rights for blacks but encouraged the use of violence when met with force.
During his youth, Malcolm X 's went through the rough stages of his life. The Klu Klux Klan wanted Malcolm’s father killed because he preached "back to Africa" teachings from Marcus Garvey, further irritating the “Christian White people” in Omaha, Nebraska (Haley 2). When Malcolm X was six; his father was attacked by the KKK and was "laid across some tracks for a street car to run over" until he died (Haley 10). His father had loved Malcolm unlike the rest of his siblings that did not like him. In 1946, police found evidence of “fur coats, some jewelry, other small stuff” in his apartment and arrested him (Haley 153). Malcolm grew up a bewildered man who wanted to do drugs, found a way to get money, got with girls and had a horrible temperament.…

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