Malcolm X : Afro American History Essay

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In Malcolm X’s book, Malcolm X on Afro-American History, Malcolm X states that, “’re never going to get rid of it until you get rid of the cause, and man, you know who the cause is”(51). After Malcolm X claimed this, a huge applause followed, of hundreds of people who felt the same way. Malcolm X was a civil rights advocate, who fought for the end of racial segregation and to improve the lives of fellow African Americans. In his book, it highlights several speeches he gave during his life. These speeches were given during the 1960’s where racism was a major problem in the United States. In his speeches he tries to persuade his audiences, as well as the world, why his philosophy on ending racism is correct and should be followed. To do this he uses anchor words and phrases, he talks in an aggressive tone, and by proving his knowledge. With these rhetorical moves, Malcolm X was able to help African Americans gain more rights and freedom in the United States. However, before he was able to fully complete his goals, he was assassinated on February 21, 1965. But even though that horrific event had occurred he left people in awe with the powerful anchor words and phrases he used.
In many world-renowned speeches, the use of anchor words and phrases were prevalent in them. Anchor words and phrases are the repetition of certain words and phrases, which help emphasise the main points the author wants the reader to remember. Malcolm X uses this multiple times in his speeches.…

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