Malcolm X : A Civil Rights Activist And An Islamic Nation Leader

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Malcolm X is a famous civil rights activist and an Islamic Nation leader. He was a great controversial speaker and was very motivational to those who heard his speeches. He also was possessed by a vision for change which to Campbell (2002) is a characteristic for a great leader. Although, he past away in 1965, it is relevant to know and study about his speeches and actions because he verbally made a change through his speeches for equality for African Americans. Still up to this day we are facing inequality discrimination for different races. The fight to end race discrimination is not over, we need more to be done. Many people such as students have heard Malcolm X’s speeches such as “By Any Means Necessary.” There is more to Malcolm X than just his speeches. We should also recognize and value his actions to end race inequality during 1950s and 60s while having many opposers, haters, and accusers going against him and his word. Also, we need to look furthermore into his characteristics and elements that made him a great leader and a catalyst for change.
It is the purpose of this paper to discuss a number of lesser-known findings about the life and character of Malcolm X, in addition to noting how reading and writing about this leader improved the academic literacy skills of this paper’s author.
The questions posed for the research described here are the following:
What important findings were made during this research?
What were Malcolm’s most significant…

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