Malcolm X : A African American Activist And A Former Nation Of Islam Spokesman

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In the minds of many American’s Malcolm X is a great example when it come to evolution. Most particularly all race can relate to him until this day because of his empowerment. In the early life of Malcolm his father was murdered by the Ku-Klux-Klan, known as a supremacist cult. After the death of his father his mother was sent to a mental hospital which it effected Malcolm, he felt powerless to change his condition. When Malcolm x went to prison it had amazing impact in his life, he read every book that he can get his hands on, Malcolm x educated himself by studying language, religion, and history and made an amazing transition, once Malcolm x was released from prison, he continued explore ways to make things better for African American.Malcolm X is known as a African American activist and a former Nation of Islam spokesman. In 1952, the year Malcolm X was released from jail Malcolm and decided to change his surname “Little” to “X” as a lost identity that was taken during slavery and contribution to his unknown African Americans ancestors. Malcolm x challenged the mainstream in the Civil Right Movement and the non-violent pursuit of integration. In looking at Malcolm X’s influence and impact on the lives of African American’s, one can see the evolution of his own identity, his involvement with two important organization Nation of Islam (NOI) and The organization Afro-American Unity (OAAU) and the evolution of a Malcolm X philosophy. Malcolm X involvement with…

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