The Individual's Influence On The Physical Environment

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The cognitive abilities and processes have a massive influence on a person’s behavior adjustment compared to the sway that is grounded on the physical surroundings. The personality of a person is more activated and ignited by particular perceptions in their mental being. More so, people’s behaviors are articulated by what they perceive and what is stored in their memories. It is with no reasonable doubt that situated cognition provides adequate space for adaptive actions. The individual 's’ intellectual system is responsible for controlling and obstructing conducts in people’s life. Nevertheless, Malcolm Gladwell’s study depicts that people’s characters are also greatly affected by the physical surroundings. Malcolm reviews that things that exist in people’s residence also shape who they are. People’s inner evolvement is more inclined to abstract cognition rather than the immediate physical environment. Every individual on the globe has a direct linkage between the cognitive abilities and …show more content…
A person is born his or her brain is occupied by certain outlook before being exposed to the surroundings. In this scenario, I am putting it forward that before individuals’ behaviors get altered by the physical conditions, their minds are already occupied by a working memory and intelligence. Gladwell is in favor of this argument when she affirms that behaviors are acquired from the mental modeling and the psychological conditions that begins happening when a person is brought to life. Character is what we think and not what we see and admire to come. It can be compared to a bunch of repetitive tendencies that occur in varied circumstances. Malcolm states that people have consistent behaviors because they are able to resist and control the manipulation from the physical environment (Gladwell,

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