Malaysia's Smart Tunnel Essay

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Executive Summary

This report will discuss the infrastructure management of the Storm Water Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This tunnel was built mainly to cater to the reoccurring flash floods that happened in the area, and to act as an alternate traffic route. It began construction in 2003 and was operational early 2007.

A structure of such magnitude required in-depth designing and precise construction methods to ensure that the structure would be able to fulfill its desired purposes. As such, the structure has indeed proved worthy of being able to not only provide a solution to the flash floods, but also act as an alternate route for traffic heading from and to the city.

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The SMART Tunnel will be monitored through surveillance cameras which are positioned at suitable places within the tunnel to ensure the safety of the users, smooth operation of the infrastructure as well as for maintenance purposes. This will be managed via the state of the art operations control room which equipped with the up to date operations management, surveillance and maintenance system.

2. Vision and Mission of SMART Tunnel Organization

1. Vision • To provide a solution for Kuala Lumpur’s flash flood predicament and peak hour congestion

2. Mission • Implement a dual purpose concept that will cater to both Kuala Lumpur’s flood problem as well as traffic crisis • Provide a flood water mitigating system that can be utilized during various flood scenarios • Provide alternate routes to motorists traveling in Kuala Lumpur

3. Current Asset Management Practice

4. Current Level of Service and Desired Level of Service

5. Elements of a Suitable Infrastructure Management System

1. Core and Advanced Asset Management Plan
|AM Attribute |Core Asset Management Planning Criteria |Criteria for achieving consistency to ‘Advanced’ |
| | |Management Planning |
|1. Description

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